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[Ban appeal] _Ethan_Hoang_: TARDIS Bridging??

Minecraft Username:  _Ethan_Hoang_

Which server you were banned on: Public

What you were doing prior to the ban: I was bridging to the another Tardis. (And I was in a player's Tardis)

Why should you be unbanned (no excuses like "it was my brother/caps lock stuck"): I was just Curious to see what in there!


Not a good reason, I locked your other thread for a reason -_-

But considering this is Honeylucks ban I will leave it to him.

Please don't comment on this thread until he does.

Apologies for the delay - I was asleep as it was 3am my time when this was made - Thank you for owning up to your mistakes maturely -  I shall unban you soon

This thread has been locked.