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A little problem with my rank

So I recently bought a custom rank Mythical which I am assuming is the source of my problem. For some reason I am able to world edit when the last rank I had was VIP+ when ever I right click or left click with an arrow this happensĀ to prove this does not work with VIP+ I have also tested with itĀ 

the reason I am making this thread is so nobody thinks I am hacking. If there is a reason for me having this or it is a mistake please let me know

I asked Jake [honeyluck] for help but it still did not work. I don't know is //set or //replacenear work but I will not try unless asked

Thank you for listening


Your rank has been fixed by Sub,

we apologize for the mistake and thank you for informing us

Thank you, if you want to you can lock the thread

This thread has been locked.