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Goodbye Dalek Mod

This is my announcement that I will be leaving the Dalek Mod servers for a few months or maybe forever. Not many people know me on the servers anymore more so if you don't I wouldn't bother reading this. I think about a year and a bit I've been playing on the servers. All things must come to an end so I guess my time has to as well. I will be leaving between the 13th-19th of February. A special thanks to Iched (if you are still called that) dhi_awesome and TheTraveler  (don't know your new username) for being there in the past year. I will say on the server when it is the final time i'll be on. I have not got any plans if I will come back so don't get your hopes up. So I guess goodbye Dalek Mod, Goodbye... I know I haven't been on the servers recently so that might have gave it away a bit. So Goodbye for the final time. Thanks to everybody else as well. 

I'm really going to miss you bluey, we had some good times and good role plays, you were a really good friend and I hope you will come back one day, cya man.


May muskets support be with you.

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