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See here for "I Can't Join the Server"

Bug: can't connect to dmu server. Possible cause: "Death by sheep" I spawned in too many sheep (via breeding) for wool collecting and now the server keeps kicking me Game does not crash, I keep getting kicked from the server after joining. I am unable to interact with objects, eat, use commands or chat. When attempting to walk out of the open door inside the tardis, I walked through the door and fell into the void. I fell to a point below the normal damage point and was unharmed. I then received to exact same error message as pictured below If killing the sheep will help, they are near the base of the building at X = 993 Y = 205 Z = 1551 (on Gallifray)
If you see a colour box around this, sorry. I copy pasted from discord
[edit] #discord-to-dmu  does not pick me up as joining, speaking or leaving
[edit 2] Fixed. Idk how, it kinda just happened

Around 15 hours ago, I got unbanned. Since then, I've  tried multiple times to login to DMU and to no avail. Is this a glitch or have I not been unbanned yet?

I cant log on because it always just says disconnected when I log on beta or public which is rly annoying pls help

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