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[DMU ranks] Does Creative carry over to Public? Can I apply for staff?

i am horrifyingmonkey in game as well and i want to know if you get the creative rank can you use it on the public surver

I can tell you right now that you will most likely not get staff for the following reasons.

1) You just joined so that's a big nope.

2) Your grammar and spelling is awful (though Dutch still got staff :>).
3) From the above reason I assume you wouldn't meet the age limit as well.

4) It's obvious you just want staff for the fact you get creative so that is also a big nope.

5) And you were banned for X-Ray so yea, you have -10% chance of getting staff.

We will only accept people for staff if they meet a list of conditions. One being that they have to have been known in the community for at least 2 months and that they can be trusted on the server and that they are willing to help other users. Usually we would run a trail period with a helper rank for a week to see if the person applying is acceptable for server staff. We also have to have a position open. Which only ever happens when a current staff member steps down

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