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[Bug] 3 FPS on title screen?? [Status: Unsolved]

this seems to be a problem with my 64 bit java because the technic version seemed to be running just fine fps wise off my 32 bit (which i just learned that i had in the background)  although lots of memory errors,  when i tried switching to 64 bit for technic it started the same issue again and i dont have the option to switch back


Try changing the version of java here

 no dice,  none of them work except the one causing the issue


for now until i figure out the issue i'll play on my old laptop




still no ideas on whats causing it or how to fix it.  if someone knows whats going on please tell me how to fix.

bump again,


if anyone knows how to fix this PLEASE tell me

Honestly, I have no idea o.o  Maybe once U46 is out it'll be resolved, but you said the beta version didn't help either.

The only thing I can really think of is resetting your PC.

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