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DMU Skaro Colony [Not Official Town]

Currently we have either 36 or 37 members (One pod has no signs so I'm not sure if anybody lives there) but hurry quick only 4 pods left out of the ones currently built!

Of course you can, just come on the private server and ask me or Shed or Bluey to teleport you there.

Eyyyy Big News

Our colony has our First Rip-Off


Really though.

It even has the same name.

So... a reminder this is THE "Dmu Skaro Colony"

Please do *not* join this "New Skaro Colony" controlled by Nebula. They are clearly ripping-off our colony by using similiar builds, control schemes and adding me and Bluey to their staff list and saying that they are now "part of the Creditland" (Which they aren't. Cheeky stealers) as an excuse to rip-off us.


Do *not* trust them. 

Thank you.


Hi Laury,

I just wanted to say that the place is not a colony I built it to do rp's in you just made it look like a colony. I hope that you understand. 

Thank you!


If it's for RP then don't advertise it or claim that you came first OR claim that it's part of Creditland.

This is the shop area in the colony. My shop is all the way the the other end. You can't see it D:


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