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[Ban Appeal] [Rejected] TheFastestGamer_: Shared IP

Original Title: Well..


Ok John Constantine tried to get me unbanned because he wanted to join. I might not rejoin even if i get unbanned at this point. I've been gone a long time and i was friends with SubDivide a long time ago, I came back thinking things would be the same. They clearly aren't. Maybe the chronic headaches are messing with me.



I don't expect to be unbanned but i'm making this because me and JohnConstantine52 once used the same ip and clearly we somehow still are. This led some people to believe we are the same person, I've had disagreements with him in the past and he used to be a member of my team.


50 might not remember me either it's been that long. 


I guess i'll find out what happens in 6 or 8 hours depending on how bad the pain will be.

Well since it's been 2 years and skype only keeps 1 year of history all messages are gone. Because of what happened in 2015 and i stopped talking to everyone i didn't really add you back.


Since the chronic illness i've had the worst mentality (That nobody will understand or care) I've been very wrong about that recently.  John brought me back to this place, I don't expect it to be the same as it was before. But i can adapt.



Now me and John also got banned from Doctor Who Client Mod Discord almost instantly because the iking guy whatever remembered that he dislikes me.


Sorry for the very late response i was in bed in agonising pain for 8 hours tl;dr it sucks and i can't do anything about it.


I wish you would remember me or at least let me get used to the discord server. I only was on for about 3 or 4 days before being banned.

All I have to say about this, is this.

Stop with the pity party my god. We get it, you 'have a chronic illness' but god damn you don't need to bring it up every response.

Well people would find it odd and knowing most people when i'm waking up at 6 am watching doctor who to help pass pain when a normal person would be able to get up at go to work/school. 


Well you are right, people can still be judgemental either way so i just won't mention it ever again. Sorry

I'm a neutral party here so I have taken some time to do some research and the short answer is no, you will not be unbanned.

The long answer is:
I came across some evidence that I have shared with Sub that lead me to a conclusion.

Some back story here for you to understand:
Recently I, along with the rest of the staff have trying to create a fun safe environment for players and the first step to that is to ensure that is to remove toxic who would do nothing but bring drama and problems to the rest of the community.

Now for the conclusion.

First off you say " Now me and John also got banned from Doctor Who Client Mod Discord almost instantly because the iking guy whatever remembered that he dislikes me." this is not the entire story and that is all I will say on this matter.

Second off:

I have seen your comments on the mod and how things are run and they totally contradict what you say about wanting to come back. 
Unfortunately this led me to believe that you are not entirely so forth coming with your words and there for I will save everyone some time and say no to your appeal.

I am sorry you if you feel slighted or persecuted because of your chronic illness but everyone has something wrong with them and we all cope on a day to day basis.
I recommend instead of spending time here that you take the time and work on a solution to managing your illness better and learn to live with it in a healthy constructive way for your future.

I wish you the best in where ever you end up after this.

~Acedia [Ultra-Admin]

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