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Davros' Blaster


Name of Block/item/ore: Davros' Dalek Blaster (or DDB)

Description: a handheld blaster version of the weapons the daleks use.

Lore/Brief Background (Or "As seen in" if not from Doctor Who canon): seen in season 9's "The witch's Familiar"

How do you suggest we implement it: 

How does the player obtain it:found in generating structures 

Why should this be implemented: it is an update from update 39's laser which i think was very popular

Image(rough sketch/draft acceptable):http://pm1.narvii.com/5868/0b52ee4db5ce1beab8a7a4b98bffaf983ed01c0a_hq.jpg

Any other information:


The model is now ready! See Twelfth_Doctor's model here, it's being added to the mod soon! See here

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