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update suggestion

woulds it be possible to make tardis flight panels work on things like i dont no a lets say built spaceship it would be cool and helpful

You mean a normal build?


There is a mod that lets you do that, it's called Davincis Vessels:


no i mean lets say u built a platform in the air if u placed the panel then u could fly it

You see, the way the TARDIS flight control works is that it transforms your TARDIS into an entity while you're flying it using a panel. Entities are pre-loaded with the mod, and adding this suggestion into a mod would result (That's what I think, I'm not a developer or a staff member) rewriting the whole system on how flight control works. Also, even if it would be somehow added, then there would be loads and *loads* of entities all at once, which would fairly quickly start to crash the server or even corrupt chunks (Again, I'm not a developer, so I can't say for sure.).

if i am understanding you right you want to be able to place blocks then add a block and fly it. there are 2 mods that do this. archamedes ships and metaworlds

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