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I've created a TARDIS Interior which I like to name: The Nether TARDIS. I used the fridge TARDIS, and used fiery blocks to make a opposite of it. It is exactly the same, but it now is warm instead of cold.


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Also, I've made a Oven TARDIS, which looks like the inside of a Vanilla furnace, but is decorated and is way bigger(Obviously):

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What do you think about it?

Thanks for the review and thanks for the tip, I've added a spoiler. I myself think it looks awful, just like anything I build.

I don't approve of the orange roundel things (but that's just in general, I don't like the way they look) but the rest looks good

Looks really good! Even though calling it The Nether TARDIS would be more appropriate. Maybe you should build a tardis that will resemble the inside of a furnace.

Thanks for all the tips, going to build a proper furnace TARDIS next!

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