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Marvel/DC faction Collision

Hello my name is Batman2_2 and as you can see from the title I will be making a faction open to all marvel/Dc fan. You do not have to be a fan of the two but can still join as it is open to all. I am currently on the verge of finishing the Stark Tower as out HQ and to anyone who wishes to join either comment down what character you would like to be from Marvel and DC or simply find me in person at DMU Public. 


The roles we have available are the following:



Iron man- legitgamer155



Black Widdow



Nick Fury

Guardian of the galaxy members


Spider Man



Batman- Batman2_2


Flash- Timelord100

green lantern

super women

Wonder Women

Aqua Man

Bat women

Green Arrow- TFB

Teen Titans

Captain Marvel


These slots are available. If there is any other slots you want list it below.

We don't have a faction name as of yet. If possible could you also comment a faction name we can use. Thanks!


Dibs on green lantern

Stop spamming the forums and posting on threads which are super old

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