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[Ban Appeal] [Rejected] Doctor__Tardis

I was ban for griefing when all I did in my Base was destroy the redstone off Ai_Computer Office when All I was doing was cleaning it up and then I got banned I didn't know that it was there for a reason but I do apologise and If I must wait out these two days I will I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused but If there is any chance I can be unban please message me thank you.

Mate you are not the boss of A.S Camcat is and I am good mates with him so you can shut your mouth.

And Ive been talking to him through Skype so again you have no rights.

If I EVER see you speak to AI like that again Doctor__TARDIS I will make your ban soooo much longer.

Just for that, you'll serve your time.

Appeal Denied.


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