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[Ban Appeal] [Rejected] CoolDude145: Griefing [Perm. Chance for appeal in 3 months]

Minecraft Username: CoolDude145

Why you were banned: Griefing

What were you doing last on the server: Building                                                                                                                                                               So, i was testing a thing that Suicide Daleks and Cybermens around the TARDIS then it explodes. So, that was my fault.  EDIT: I could fix but i didn't Josia50 and HarrisonMilton was fixing.                                

I'm the owner of Team Toxic ( The owner of the griefed piece) I knew cooldude did this but by accident i didn't told him to test it in the safe area . And i was not planning to report him but HRSM did. So can u give him a second change (his last chance)?

well its still griefing but it's not up to me it's up to staff

ik but when the owner says i don't want him punished?


Doesn't matter if you own it or not, same with tardis bridging if you friend's interior is next to yours and you build a bridge to each other still counts as tardis bridging.

As an impartial judge it makes it hard to even make an arguement for you when you threaten to leave the dmu then 30 minutes later beg for a pardon. A perm ban is harsh but with past offenses I cant really argue against it. Take time and mature and think about some reasons you got in to so many arguements with staff and users then make a factual appeal in 3 months and it will be reconsidered. Locking this thread.

This thread has been locked.