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[Tutorial] Summoning lost/broken TARDIS without specific coordinate teleport/staff

Hello there! Have you lost your TARDIS or accidentally broken it's exterior? Well fear not! I have found a way to recover it without commands!


Notice: If you entered another TARDIS through an exterior, then this Tutorial won't work. 


Step 1. Get to the TARDIS Dimension (Do not enter another exterior, or else this Tutorial won't work.) Easiest way to get there is 1. Teleporting to another player, who is in TARDIS Dimension, or 2. Using a warp to the TARDIS Dimension.


Step 2. Open up a TARDIS Monitor (It doesn't matter if it isn't from your TARDIS)


Step 3. Enter the coordinates that are next to the word "Current:"  (Isn't needed)


Step 3. Press "Enter"


Step 4. Flick the Dematerialisation lever. (It won't show any text, but that's okay) (Isn't needed)


Step 4. Exit the TARDIS through a TARDIS Door.


If you did everything correctly, then you should spawn next to your TARDIS Exterior.


If that didn't work for you, try War_Major's tutorial: https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=2065


And that's it! If you have any questions or edits to this tutorial, then feel free to post them below. Thanks!


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