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Update Suggestion

My Idea For Whatever Update: First of all, add Gallifrey, but, as in the show, you can't just hop in a Tardis and fly over there. Instead, you must craft "Gallifrey Falls". I don't care about the crafting recipe, just make it craftable. Anyways, you place it down like a painting and hop on into it. You will be teleported outside of the citadel. You must break into the underground, avoiding the Gallifreyans, and steal a Tardis. Then you can travel back to minecraftia and Gallifrey will be unlocked on every Tardis in the world. An alternate way of getting to Gallifrey is waiting for the weird yellow portal thing to spawn on the world. If you see it, you can throw a fez in it and it will do the same thing. DalekModHyped (Below) had the idea for a confession dial. Maybe you could make it craftable or a really rare drop off a mob.

First of: gallifrey is already on the SWDTeam's to-do list, so pls stop asking.

Second of: that's actually a pretty good idea, and I suggest also adding a confession dial (and the castle) as another way to get there.

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