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Dalek Mod - Missing Update Videos

I honestly don’t know if this’ll help but...https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=59hNgsCLsdw 

EDIT: I don’t believe this is an update video but idk. Maybe. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LQCeztRxwAo

The first video (How to use the Dalek Mod api) is not missing. The second one is also not missing because its still exist on the Swdteam Youtube channel.


Even tho the videos aren’t missing, I think John will still be happy for you trying to help.


EDIT: you can check here to see what videos are missing.

Please note: When I first started playing the Dalek mod I happened to not know about the SWDTeam and found it on another website I might be able to link these websites to this page if you let me.

I can only find the deception of the snowman update/update 4

The Snowmen were first seen in the Doctor Who episode 'The Snowmen' (UDWF1's Favourite Episode). They were made of telepathic snow, powered by the Great Intelligence.


The Snowmen will spawn in Snow and Tagia biomes. They used to spawn in all biomes. Currently they have no purpose and just stay still and knock the player back when colliding, but soon they will be able to duplicate themselves around the player and breathe a snow particle effect to attack



It has been found already , But nice u want to help!

SWD is not looking for video's made by other people that covered the updates, they are looking for the update video's UDWF1 made covering the updates.

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Sorry for the necro

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