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Top Hat Clan (Revived)

Hello, this thread is about my faction, the Top Hat Clan. It is a continuation of a faction on the old DMU. Here is some info:


Owner/leader/founder: Yblocks

Status: Active

Server: Beta and Public

How to join: Ask Yblocks here or in-game.


There are 5 ranks in the THC:

Sir/Dame: The beginners rank. 

Lord: 2nd rank, for trusted Sirs and Dames.

High Lord: 3rd Rank, for Lords that have done deeds that they should be recognized for. Max. 20 at the time.

Overlord: 2nd highest rank: For the most trusted players. Max. 2 at the time.

Supreme Overlord: Highest rank. Has max rights. Only one. Has Veto in THC. Is Yblocks.


Council of the Top Hats:

The council is there to make decisions if the Supreme Overlord can't decide what to do.

The Council consists of:

The Supreme Overlord

2 Overlords

20 High Lords


Further information:

We allow everybody to join. Even griefers. (We believe in second chances. And 3rd.) But if he/she griefes the base he/she will be kicked out of the clan. NO EXCEPTIONS. Unless it was a accident. Then, you will be lowered in rank.


Alliances: Currently None.

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