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Tardis can't teleport to certain coords

So I noticed that in the tardis interface, you can put in 6 digits to represent the coordinates you wish to travel too. However, if you put in a negative "-", you can only put in 5 digits after that. For example if I had a base at -300500, 50, -300500; I could only go to -30050, 50, -30050. That's over 270000 blocks away. This is a suggestion for the next update. 

 Nice idea, I like it. However, I do suggest you place your suggestions in here next time.

Just moved it to suggestions


Thanks for pointing this out. I wasn't aware that you couldn't use negative values with more than 5 digits. I'll try and patch this in the next update. What I would like to do though is remove the limit, however prevent the Tardis from traveling outside the world bounds

How about if you travel outside of the world the tardis shakes and a weird sound plays. then when you exit your tardis you are at a utterly random position in that world.

 also that would be the same for world block lock areas

I quite like this idea, maybe it could do the same if you land inside blocks/where another tardis is or on water or lava, but it could take you to a safe place within a 50 block radius unless it's on the ocean, in which case it could take you to the nearest bit of land.

That would be fantastic. Maybe even add a "Turn off HADS" button to allow the TARDIS to still materialize over water/lava.

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