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TheGingerDoctor's Custom TARDIS!

Hey there! I've been working on a custom TARDIS on the creative server for a while now... it incorporates many things, even including a meeting room for my private server... faction...

here are the pictures of what I have so far:

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Main Console

TARDIS Archives

Toilet... don't ask :P

Horse (AirStrings) Console

Cookie (LivelyCookie) Console

Cartoon Console

Hologram Call Centre

HRC Meeting Room

Storage Room



Garden Room



Engine Room


All-Purpose Room

BNF Style... Styler XD

Exterior Concept Art (Drawn by me, Badly)


If you have any other suggestions, I am afraid you will have to wait and see if this gets put in the mod at the moment

I love the movie theater, and the "horse" console. Good work! As for suggestions, how about a garden area?

Just checking is that on the private server? or the creative? because i am on the faction on the private server.

The Garden area is a good idea! I'll add that in at some point!


I'm afraid it's on creative server, but I will try and use HireSWD to get it in the mod

Hello Again! I have added the Garden Room, the Liabry/Pool, and now, in the main console room, I have added the TARDIS Archives! Yay! :P

perhaps some sort of all purpose room,  with your anvils, furnaces, crafting tables and potion stands?      or maybe an individual room for each of those

Ok, I'll add those to my To-Do list... however, i think that I might not add seperate rooms for the anvils, furnaces, ect., just one room for all of them. Hope it's Ok! Also, I'll put the Engine Room in the center of the maze

So... I finally got round to doing something! I've made the maze, as you can see, however, i had to remove its ceiling for the screenie. i've also got a plan for the Engine room design, so stay tuned for that XD

Wow this tardis is really impressive i think i found my chair in the HRC meeting room! the only thing i don't like is that the cookie console makes me hungry so i go to eat something XP

Thx for all the comments guys! also, the engine room's now done!

And I've finally completed all current jobs that i had for the tardis! if anyone has a suggestion of what to add, please tell me!

Hello! I've got news. I need an idea for another room in my TARDIS. it will probably be the last room i'll build inside of it, so, i this thread may then become irrelevant once i have built it. however, i would like somone out there to tell me a brilliant idea that fits with the kinda stuff that's already there. Thank You!



Maybe you could make an armory/dressing room?


EDIT: forgot to say your TARDIS is amazing! I will probably use the maze idea in a TARDIS I will make at some point, great job!

Thank you all! For now, I’m closed for suggestions. I will try getting it into the mod via HireSWD, though.

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