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The Star Wars Universe


(Common sense is required to join this group!)


What are we?

We are one of the many factions that are on DMU (Dalek Mod Universe).


What is it that we do?

We are a faction of The Star Wars Universe. We have all kinds of people in our faction: Sith, Jedi and Grey Jedi.


Who are the leaders of the Empire?

The Star Wars Universe is owned and monitored by the Emperor (Dutchbear16) and with 2 other co leaders Jedi GrandMaster (Bluey) and Grey GrandMaster (Honeyluck).


Furthermore we have 3 councils:


The Dark Council:






The Grey Jedi Council:



The Jedi Council:






The buildings we have:


The Sith Temple (Coming soon)

A hangar /warp SithHangar


How to join?


Click on this link to join The Star Wars Universe faction!


Ranking system


We also have ranks in the faction. The following ranks are:


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Citizen (Automatic when you join)

Jedi (Jedi’s only)

Sith (Sith’s only)

Grey Jedi (Grey Jedi only)

Jedi Council (Jedi’s only) (Jedi GrandMaster will decide who comes in the council)

Grey Jedi Council (Grey Jedi’s only) (Grey Jedi GrandMaster will decide who comes in the council)

Dark Council (Sith’s only) (The Emperor will decide who comes in the council)

Force Ghost (Discord bots only)

Jedi GrandMaster (Only available if the current GrandMaster is gonna retire.)

Grey GrandMaster: (Only available if the current Grey GrandMaster is gonna retire.)

The Emperor (Only available if the current emperor is gonna retire.)


More ranks shall be added in the future!


Please note: You don't need to have knowledge about Star Wars if you want to join this group!



Join The Star Wars Universe!




1. We are now called The Empire!
2. We now have stormtroopers!

3. We have a new training system!

Update: We are currently at war with The Rebel alliance and The Jedi Order! 

Uhh I think my faction was called the rebel alliance but ok 

Yours is, the Jedi Order is mashed with the Resistance (not the rebels).

Update: We are now neutral with The Jedi Order! We are only at war if we are roleplaying!

Go to /warp shop and there is somewhere a very big hangar.

Atm we are working on a new sith temple! The one from the official game SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic)! Its unknown when its finished but its gonna be way better then the current temple at /warp sith_temple!

Big update: The Empire is now known as The Star Wars Universe: Jedi's, Grey Jedi's Sith's etc are now in 1 big faction!

Can I influence the midi-chlorians?

 That depends. Do you have powers some consider to be... Unnatural?

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