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[Player Report] Grief: edishwoodland and MAXMCIVOR

Minecraft Username: TheLegendary_Mew

Username of player you are reporting: edishwoodland and  MAXMCIVOR

Why they deserved to be reported:So, I was downloading Unity and playing Minecraft while I waited, I hopped on the server and went afk for a bit while I went to the bathroom, I come back to find these scums at my (and Bluey's) house griefing (thank god my minimap showed me they were there) they then proceed to claim it was an "accident" and said they were "testing if it was spawn" (not shown in screenshots) when if they were, they would have only broken one block and repaired it after, which they didn't...

Witnesses: SunplayzYT and anybody else on at 19:25 GMT


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(Also if ya wanna know why I have an RPG, Sub gave that to me, and if this is the wrong format lemme know and I'll edit :P)

Thank you for reporting the grief,


MAXMCIVOR has been 24h temp banned, edishwoodland didn't griefed anything.


Locking thread.

This thread has been locked.