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Cybermen not upgrading villagers

Hi! I'm trying to collect a bunch of steel, so I thought I would use a cyberman to convert a village to villager cybermen. I set everything up, but the cyberman is just wandering around the village breaking doors. Am I doing something wrong or missing something? 


I'm using the latest version of the mod, with the latest version of minecraft, survival mode (single player, hard). 



(Love this mod so much, btw)

That's a bug, I didn't think the new code would work... 

I'll fix it for update 48

New code? Is Cyber-conversion going to look different in future updates, i.e. the Cybermen convert the Villagers into Cyber-Villagers and then they become full Cybermen after a time or something like that? Or am I reading to much into what is just optimising the code? 

OK cool, thanks! Looking forward to update 48! :)


Not sure if it's related, but I also noticed that the only type of cyberman I am seeing is the cyber villager type, and occasionally the cybermen are spawning with the lower half of their bodies in the ground. 

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