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[Suggestion] Corridors!


In several episodes of Doctor who,  it has been made apparent to us that the TARDIS is not just the console room and that's it. There are corridors,  other rooms, and sometimes even other console rooms!  I'm here to suggest to you possible TARDIS corridor ideas that i could think of!


First things first, I'll list the corridors i'm talking about,  i'm intending for these to be thought of in block form,  as some PC's cant handle lots of models!


  • Coral Corridors

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The coral Corridors will be the easiest to add because well... we kinda already have them according to the comics rendition of them.  We never saw them on screen,  but in the comics,  they highly resemble the console with similar roundel, wall, and floor colors,  and the coral blocks can mostlikely be used to build them.

  • Copper Corridors

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The Copper Tardis was where we first got introduced to ACTUAL corridors,  We got to see them on screen as grey hexagonal hallways with copper colored circles and some yellow glowing roundels. 

  • Toyota Corridors

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And now for the toyota,  Remembering this one is hard because we've just lost her.  The toyota corridors were gray and hexagonal like copper corridors,  but the shape was more odd,  and instead of roundels they had light bars, which would be blue or red depending on circumstances.   

Related image


Now that we've gone over the types of corridors inherent to each Interior, we can go over possibilities of how to get these corridors, Corridors would be determined by The TARDIS' Architectual Reconfiguration System(ARS)  but given we don't have one of those, i've got three possibilities.

  • Do it yourself

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The first Possibility I see is to have Players painstakingly build each corridor block by block, and craft each of those blocks on their own. The blocks would be really cheap in order to craft in large amounts,  dont fall into the void.

  • Have Some help

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The Second possibility still requires you to do alot of the work but but the TARDIS gives you a bit of help.  there would be a specific action you could do to one of the tardis panels and it would give you a GUI, you select what kind of corridor you want to build,  and it will dump a couple stacks of blocks in your inventory. Due to how easy they are to get, the blocks would inherently have no value, and would allow you to build all you want.

  • Just let ME do it

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Using a Screwdriver, somewhat similar to the TARDIS mod for minecraft 1.7.10, the player would click where they want a corridor to begin in a certain screwdriver mode, and the tardis would instantly build one there, no questions,  no work,  just point and click. This possibility along with the second one is the easiest to abuse, There are a few ways to combat this,  1. corridor blocks have NO value whatsoever,  2.  when broken,  corridor blocks dont drop anything, so players cant take them,  3. Corridor blocks could only be placed in the TARDIS dimension. While i dont like the last two options,  they may be necessary to prevent abusing the system.


And Now Finally, Where are you gonna get all the room?!

Well... the main thing i can think of for that is just build smart.... And use Anti-Grav Corridors! The Copper TARDIS corridors showed us that the corridors didnt just go outwards, they went up and down! The Antigrav Corridors for the copper tardis looked just like normal corridors, but vertical, and i'd assume they'd look the same for toyota and copper as well.  Now i hear you asking "well how would we use them?" and i'm glad you asked!  A concept that would be borrowed from the 1.7.10 TARDIS mod mentioned earlier,  when stepping into one you'd stay in place. But,  if you hit shift, you'll be lowered down,  and if you hit space, you'll be raised up! This would easily combat the need for Building around other peoples interiors. Since Interiors dont generate on top of eachother,  when building up, the only limit you have is the block height limit!



i'd be down for this, would probs need to wait a few updates first tho so the interiors can be added first imo

It's funny, I've been doing the block-by-block method for some time. Fun fact, alternating water source blocks and signs is a good stand in for anti-grave corridors.

this could be done by command blocks when you walk using a clone command on a survivle world just open to lan and make the set up with cheats on (if you want)\


ps tardis mod is fun in that manner but indistructable and other reasons why its not to good

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