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[Griefing Report] [Build Name]: Parking Spot in AmbientTown [Blocks Broken]


Minecraft Username: KingJeIIy

Coordinates, Which Server:  500103 70 899979 Public Server

When it happened:  N/A

What was griefed: 4 Diamond Blocks I placed to customize my parking spot were stolen. Didn't think anyone was stupid enough to take it and not get reported. Bad idea.

Witnesses (if any): N/A

Screenshot before and after griefing: Before: 

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May I suggest in the future not using blocks that are very valuable? I know that people shouldn't grief and all, but if it's griefed again with less desirable blocks, it won't be so much of a loss to you.

I checked the grief but its a bit hard to check what is griefed since the before and after pictures are really different. 

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