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The Dalek Mod RPU/M

The Dalek Mod RPU/M (Role Play Universe/Multiverse) is a RP group created by Olly/Exeso. The RPs in this group will probably be about almost everything reasonable, but nothing out of reason, I.E. Godzilla VS The Noodle Doodle Man VS MLP (though now I think of it, that might be interesting to see.).

However, we need people! To join, message Olly on his Discord (Olly#5680) or on his profile, and a trial RP shall most likely be arranged, except if we have previous experience with you. In that case you can most likely join immediately.

This thread is subject to change.


EDIT: I am no longer affiliated with or part of the Dalek Mod RPU/M. All questions or messages regarding the Dalek Mod RPU/M should go to Olly.

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