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My farewell

Following my ban from the SWDiscord, I have decided to leave the SWD community in full. No, I won't stop using the Dalek Mod, I'll just stop interacting with her community. I do this, because of a promise I made long ago. That promise was that if I were to ever get banned from the SWDiscord, I would leave the community in full. And here we are. I decided to keep this promise, because a man is worth but the value of his promises. I was told to appeal by Laur, but that would be breaking my promise. Anyways, my time here is up. I'll cherish the memories of this communtiy, I truly will, but it is time for me to leave and move on.


Live long and prosper.



May you Rest In Peace


 Oh, I won't rest. But it'll be peaceful. Peaceful activity. It's a nice alternative.

 If that's what you want, perhaps one day. But today is not that day.


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This thread shall be locked.


- Ramen

This thread has been locked.