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Where is Update 48? It's been so long!

Where is update 48?

It's coming, don't worry! It is pretty much finished and ready for release, the reason we haven't released it yet is due to a few members of the team being absent due to other commitments such as university deadlines and work.


So are you back and working on the mod again?

Yes and no, yes we are back, yes we are working on the mod but still not as much as we'd like to. This is just due to trying to get back into the swing of things and trying to catch up with everything again. Thankfully though we've had numerous people working on the mod during our absence, including, Sub, Ford, Ed, Spaceblock and many more (Sorry if I missed anyone out, I don't have access to the Discord right now!).


Will the update be coming out soon and will it be worth the wait?

Yes and yes, you will not be disappointed. The whole team has put in a lot of effort in order to make this update even better than Update 47, once again we must thank Sub for all the hard work he's put into this update, it would be nowhere near as good without his help.


Can I spam you with "Where's update 48" until we get it?

No... but I'm sure you'll still do it anyway.


I have a question!

Post it below and we will try our best to answer it!

When will comic sans become the main dalek mod font

Two Questions

One: Will we be seeing new tardis interiors and exteriors? It's what I'm most excited for.

Two: Why does my left eye hurt?

Followup question: Will the update affect currently owned tardises? As in, Will I have to make a new tardis after the update drops and DMU switches to it? Or will my current tardis stay with possibly a new exterior model?



Also will there be more individual console parts and panels? And maybe a couple new rotors? Just curious.

I'm really exited for the new Update, I've been waiting for this day! Also hoping there will be new blocks {cough Hartnell] that will be added!

 I think you all mean Google. 


Anyway, nice to know 48 is coming very soon. I can't wait to see the update video and all the new content added to the mod. I hope Boat Ice T finally gets added in this update after the many years of harassing... I mean, after the many years of nagging... No, I mean, the many years of people politely, occasionally and civilly asking for it.  

Ok, so, it's gonna be better than U47, does that mean it'll have jelly babies? 

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