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Where is Update 48? It's been so long!

Hi All,

I was wondering what Size file is the Dalek Mod Update 48 ?

I have had to download it twice and have two different File sizes

My 1st Download size was 16,338 KB

My 2nd Download size was 16,414 KB 

I was wondering what the File size is for all of you 

It's really great that Update 48 is finally coming! Here's hoping that new content arrives soon (and that the Imperial/Renegade Daleks fighting feature is put back in)! Hopefully Story Mode will soon follow...


 new ammo model leak - fjmdhkgfhkfgjgk

 Thanks for implementing that feature again - I always found it a little confusing that it was removed... It's also great that Gallifrey's coming back!

 I've tried U.48 and they still aren't fighting for some reason. No offence intended, but this is becoming a little annoying. Imperial Daleks also do nothing when attacked by Cybermen and on Skaro, no mobs spawn whatsoever - now it's even more barren than before, which i didn't think was even possible...

Create a separate thread to post this under in the "Bug Reporting" Section.

Didn't this update of the mod already Release saying " Warning , this version of the game will be buggy " , In Addition why am i getting the notification for a thread that isn't mine or that i haven't replied to?



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