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ok but stop putting IMC problems on here and put them on my profile

Ok sorry there are no more issues with IMC 


EDIT: I will soon begin doing a large-scale construction project on IMC. To begin I have built an elevator above sector B to build a massive Control Room for the AI as like a 2nd story to the AI chamber. In that second floor will also include a break room with a large window to view the surface of Trenzalore. Beneath Sector B I have also begun building a Location for My Black Ops faction as the two factions have partnered. Then I will do a large expansion to Sectors C and D that will include a Hangar and a Bio Lab. After that I will build a huge set of Structures on the surface of Trenzalore to give a cool look to the base on the Outside. This will be a huge undertaking but it will pay back when it is done!

As an Update I have screenshots of the current progress on this construction: Also just to clarify the Hangar Will go through the whole mountain that its being built through

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Hey guys Neb here with a HUGE summary of all that I am doing for IMC


So you may have noticed lately I have been making a lot of updates for IMC so you might get confused on all that I will be doing for IMC as I actually have not talked about every thing I plan to do.


So Neb what are you actually doing?

So I will be doing a large scale construction project for IMC that will make the faction a bit more popular. I have been building an above ground hangar that will be cutting through a whole mountain to create an awesome looking hangar for people to land their TARDISes when update 48 comes out with the fix to flight panels. Their will also be an underground hangar built for Tardises to land inside the main base for IMC. I have also begun flattening out the ground so that I can build IMC City. It will be a massive city for IMC that will include a large underworld of shops housing and stuff. Then I will build a large Statium for Football, Soccer, Baseball, and a track for running (Maybe for the SWD olympics 2019!). This will be a large project that I will be doing and i have images of my current progress on this project. If you have questions please post them on my profile to prevent spam.


May the force be with you!


lol i just posting to keep this thread at the top of the list

lol i just posting to keep this thread at the top of the list

 I will also do this (also I need to find my account)


    An IMC origin mystery unsolved!


Hey guys!

So as IMC rises you may question the true origin story of IMC. So I will be answering this question with the truth right now. Ok I am lying I am not telling you this horror story upfront. I will be setting up a huge scavenger hunt in DMU Private to figure out the true story. Now I know you might have some ideas and you may tell them below but I will not tell you the truth yet. Now If someone can come up with the complete origin story I will grant that user the rank of commander! But this will be no easy story to figure out by the date of 6-12-18 I will be planting a ton of Easter Eggs throughout IMC and will be righting some novels in the new Library that may give some useful evidence. Also you might want to check video cam records in the Sector A security room. But this will be a hard story to figure out as it is a truly horrific story that could change the perspective of Minecraft itself. I will release the whole story on 10-12-18 (There is an Easter Egg in that day in some way but that is all I will tell). There will also be a moon base of IMC built by that time so get ready to begin searching for the most awesome scavenger hunt of all time. (Note don't spam my or iknowshall's profile for answers as ONLY I KNOW THE STORY NOT EVEN IKNOWSHALL KNOWS!!!!!


Good luck and may the most attentive and clue full person win it all!

Hi guys so I have begun placing my easter eggs throughout IMC! So you might want to start harnessing your inner detective. Also I have began placing secret hints in the mountains around IMC but so that they are visible No having to search through a cave. Also a message to find your first secret sign:

If you want to find me it isn't that hard!

All you need to do is look inside a light box!

Inside a room Neb built by himself!

Hey guys Neb here with a HUGE summary of all that I am doing for IMC



 i would be happy to help with the construction of this imc city or any other thing, after all me along with SomeGuy built like 90% of the facility (including STaDOS, sector c, part of sector b, the half life test chamber, the teleportation labs, the under construction ender bio dome and a few other things)

Edit: i also have world edit

Yes I would be happy if you guys could help build IMC City it is kinda easy to find but yea anyone can help construction on anything

Any ideas how to recruit guys? or will we wait for update 48?

Well we could build a hard obstacle course that will test the recruits in agility, combat, and swiftness in thought

Uhhh Alright I am going to need 4 pilots to crew this weapon of mass destruction I built if you have not seen it then you might want to look at the massive rocket outside of sector B it is a large nuke. I also needed to remove the staff cafe so I will move it to a new location I needed it to be moved so that there could be a staircase to the mission control center. I have a special target that the nukes will hit. NOTE: this is just a role play thing nothing is going BOOM

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