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[DMU ban appeal] OoHoOo - Coming back on alts - 2024



My ban reason is that I was bypassing my ban with alt accounts. 


The ban duration is untill 2024.


What I was doing last on the server was talking with MrSeagull. 


Why I think I should be unbanned: 

I think I should be unbanned because I have learned from my mistakes.  Because I dont see any reason to do this again because of the following reasons;


At the time I was using those alts to bypass my ban I was banned on my alt account ''Castuelas" which I cannot acces anymore because I forgot the password and lost the email linked to the account. But the problem was that at that time I was just thinking: ''ok, can't acces Castuelas, so be it, lets use OoHoOo then.'' And so did I, I started up  OoHoOo and was playing on there untill I said in chat that Castuelas was one of my alts. Then the problems came. Because I said that I owned both accounts, the staff that were online at that moment were thinking that I was bypassing my banned account Castuelas with OoHoOo. But since as stated above I did not know Castuelas was banned I had no idea of this situation, and I had no idea that I was doing anything wrong. But the staff were thinking I was doing something wrong and so did the ban happen on my OoHoOo account.


And for everyone who was there at the time. All the other accounts and the fact that I sent MrSeagull to say I was depressed and all other lies I told were all attempts to know what was going on (why OoHoOo got banned) and to get my main account OoHoOo unbanned. If this ban appeal would be accepted I would not do any of those things again because of the mere fact that I have definitely learned from the mistakes I made. 


The last reason I'd like to get unbanned is because I again definitely regret my mistakes from the past and because I love to play on the DMU server. I like the entire idea of a multiplayer server to have fun with TARDISES and play around with all the different wonderful things in the mod pack which are a lot less fun on your own. 


This was my ban appeal



It looks good  nice amount  of text  if i where staff i would say unbanned 

Do not reply to ban appeals, they are only for staff.
The only exception is if you have something to contribute which clearly you are not with the above quoted comment.

Even if you were banned and you did not know you were,
you should have allowed have not kept coming on with Alts.
We banned your alt and told you that your other account was banned,
yet you decided to keep coming on with alts despite knowing that alt bypassing bans is not allowed.
You also threatened to keep coming on using an online alt generator, which is also not allowed on the server.

Also "Depression" is not a term you can jokingly use to try and get yourself unbanned,
so aren't all the other "lies".

Finally, discussing the final reason you gave at the end of the appeal.
"I love to play on the DMU server" is not a valid reason to get unbanned.
I deny this appeal but if an Ultra-Admin or the Head-Admin decides otherwise,
I will leave it to them.

Thank you for your input Ished, I will see what the staff think of it later on. If this appeal gets denied later on I will re-appeal but that is not important at this time.

Agreed with ished appeal shall be denied.


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