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Torchwood 3 (old name) / IMC new leader-ish

Supp, if you are in IMC/torchwood 3 I am not going to be able to be a leader in The faction as im going to high school / senior school so i wont be able to be on a lot. But if i am on i will still be comander / leader but im going to go for a while so im putting a vote up for a new ACTING leader. The following are in the vote if you wish to be taken out just ask:







Please vote in comments(anyone can vote even if your not in the faction)

2nd day update






part two of vote :


someguy (in two days) has had  too replied to this thread or it will be a vote for whovian and nebustar

To be honest, If I don't win (which I probably won't) I vote for some guy.

Uhh Iknowshall this has been way longer than two days so I will just assume I won.

>> >
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