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ban appeal

MC username: MirandaConcierge


Why you were banned: for stealing a bunch of stuff


Ban duration:  perm ban


What were you doing last on the server:


this is what happened

i was way for a while and i left my laptop at home and my cousin came over and she knows my password and all that i asked her if she new about this and she tells me she did do this as a joke i am sorry for what ever she stole i will give it all back if i can have 1 chance back on the server i  will never let this happen again i am so sorry for what she did I have changed my password so she cant d it again I am so sorry for what happened.

Yeah the only thing I can say is: Its your account so its your responsiblity of what happens on your account and by a official rule of Mojang its not allowed to share your account. Also by the looks of previous bans you have been banned 2 times for griefing and ignoring staff.


Rule of Mojang:


You are responsible for the user name and password that you set up and for the activities that take place in the context of your account. So protect your username and password, and remember that our staff will never ask you for your password. Change your password if you think someone who has not been authorized by you knows your password. Please note that we are not responsible if someone uses your password to do something on our Website that is contrary to your wishes or causes you damage.


I will discuss with other staff if we keep it perm or not.



-Ultra Admin

hi i am wondering  how long it will take till I can get back in to the server????



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