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[DMU Ban appeal] muller78 [Denied]

Minecraft username:muller78

Why you were banned:For stealing one diamond chest/ could have just given it back

Ban duration:forever

What were you doing last on the server: running back to give back the diamond before getting banned...

Why you think you should be pardoned early: cuz everyone makes mistakes and im sorry i stole it  i would have just given it back no need for a ban...

Imma deny the appeal for the moment. You also still got your regular 72 hour ban.

I would recommend you try again later, because this doesn't convince me at all. I just see the same excuses you used on the server and some white lies.

na its not lies if u wanted the item back i could have given it to u easy as dat  i just want to play  :/

why did u take it in the first place tho, surely someone would've sold u a diamond

Please don’t post on ban-appeals unless you’re staff.



Yes, that ban expired. You also got a permanent ban though.

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