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DMU Ban appeal Username:greenrider99 Ban:X-raying

Minecraft username: greenrider99


Why you were banned: x-ray


Ban duration: A perm ban


What were you doing last on the server: Mining

I think I should be pardoned early because I did not gain hardly any resources when x-raying and also all I was trying to get was some lapis so when I bought a tardis from the DMU store I could craft it. I promise I will never cheat on this server again I honestly really enjoy playing it.



Since staff have lives and your appeal hasn't even been replied to yet, you're getting the probably third or fourth best thing,

former staff that technically wasn't staff


Right so few things I'd like to point out, let's see, your spelling/grammar is a bit off, either you're under the age of 12, English is not your first language, or something else. No offense.

Your point of hardly getting anything from it is not a valid excuse, saying "Oh, it was only some lapis" doesn't help.

A) The lapis was for a TARDIS right?  TARDIS are ships that let you travel anywhere in the world and act as a storage facility or even home. They're pretty OP considering you can get them early to mid game. You expect xraying to get the best item in the game to be allowed, heck, why don't we give everybody a free TARDIS as soon as they join, one of the most OP items for easy accessibility anywhere, let's not make them put in the effort to get what they deserve for well done effort! (Sarcastic, don't take this as a literal suggestion)

B) Only a bit of lapis hmm, doubt that, even so, why would anyone believe you on that statement, you xrayed one thing, how do we know there isn't more? Listen, not saying you did anything else, I'm trusting you, buuuut, if you have the nerve to xray and CHEAT in one thing while everybody else plays legit, how do we know you didn't get more than lapis, and why should you get special treatment with cheated in items, and not play regularly like everybody else with even the tiniest bit of common sense.

C) Sorry to say kid, but there is no way to prove you've changed, AT ALL, you've broke the rules once, how do we know, for sure, that you won't cheat ever again, or break the rules again, if you could find a way, I could see your appeal having a higher chance of being accepted,  but since we haven't found any known way yet, I doubt you can. No offense. But if it were up to me I wouldn't believe you.


All in all you should fix this up, come back later in a few months and try again, but I'm not staff as mentioned, I don't get the final say, but that's my recommendation to you as the appeal is pretty bad. Just wait for the person who banned you to a how their evidence and make a final decision.


Sorry if I seemed to harsh ima tired boi.


Kk thanks bye <3


Got few things to say:


1. Mew, please stop posting on ban appeals, We understand you're trying to help but please leave it to staff.

2. Hacking is not allowed on the server. yes xray is a hacking mod/texturepack and its not allowed on the servers. It is mentioned in /rules.

3. Even if you bought a TARDIS and you're only using it to get Lapis, it still against the rules.

4. Because you promised, i will reduce your perm ban to a week. But keep in mind, if we found you cheating again you will receive a permanently ban with no chance to appeal.


Thread locked.


This thread has been locked.

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