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Ban Appeal

IGN: Aye_Itz_Aaron_, YT_SP33DY

Subject: DMU


Hello Staff Members Of The SWDTeam, I've recently returned back to Minecraft and decided to hop back on to DMU. I approached that I have been permanently banned from all servers of The Dalek Mod. This was around about a year ago since I was banned due to a huge event that occurred involving Dalekstic. I sincerely apologize for my actions and I have changed a lot this year and I was wondering if I would be able to come back to the servers as I was a big fan (I bought the highest rank and had beta) and would love to be back and enjoy the player experience as with others. 


p.s I really am sorry sub and I hope we can talk to sort things out..


sincerely, Aaron. 

Okay, Please let me know as I am very excited to join back! :)

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