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DMU Ban appeal] phantomboy9: Reason for ban: [X-RAY]

Minecraft username: phantomboy9 

Why you were banned: X-Ray

Ban duration: Perm Ban

What were you doing last on the server: He was mining. I like minecraft, but the reason I used x-ray was because whenever I'm mining, I obviously always have a diamond on top of me and it's always hard to get ... I think you could make it easier TARDIS crafts on the server, it is very difficult for you to be able to do (especially getting the emerald to make the tardis screwdriver I like), and yes I regret it, I know it was in the rules do not use any kind of hack it I could take advantage of things, thank you for banning me and making me intervene the moment I was using it, there were few who would ask you to be unbanning, I enjoyed playing on the server, and I give my word that I will not go use again. I'm sure the doctor would not wish me to have used this trick.



Hello phantomboy9,


When i first came to you about xRaying , you said you weren't doing that, I then gave you a chance to send ur latest log to me .

Which i found that you were indeed using a xray mod..


Xraying for diamonds and emeralds or lapis to make a tardis faster? You do know that the tardis is one of the most OP items in the game,

as you can travel with it to anywhere ... Why do you think it's so hard to get? Same with sonic's only they're not that OP.


Also why would you thank me for  banning you? , i do apreciate you're not screaming at us like some do and you're pretty honest about it.

But sadly i cannot confirm that you have changed as it's not so long ago.
You have also been caught using an alt to bypass your ban, Which gives you an ip-ban.


Appeal has been denied!



Thank you for stopping me from making more time than I had thought .. That's addictive.

How could I have another chance? In 5 years, if possible, I try again, I hope you trust me.



You can try to appeal again in the next few months , but only when you know for sure that you have changed!

You have made your ban worse by joining on an alt though , next time you appeal you need to prove you changed.


Appeal has been denied so it will be locked.




This thread has been locked.

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