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[DMU Ban Appeal] Immanuel1701, Ban: X-Ray Hacking

Minecraft Username: Immanuel1701


Why you were banned: X-Ray Hacking


Given Ban Length: Permanent


What were you doing last on the server: Mining, tp back to spwan and direction bridge run


Why you think you should be pardoned early: I have over 138 hours of playing time on the server this is more time than I have spent anywhere else.
DMU is my favorite server you would lose a loyal user and I mean my favorite server.
surely this is not a good reason for me to unban I do not expect them to do that and I have the most complete understanding for them what I did was wrong,
but if they decide to give up this appeal I would with the deletion of my inventory and everything what else I agreed with.
and promise to keep all of the server team rules and never hack again

Thanks for reading,
and sorry for my bad english






I know what I did was wrong I am a loyal Dalekmod user and I am guilty in the sense of the charge,
I violate the rules and used an X-Ray mod.
I do not expect a unbanig but I hat a really nice time on the server.
if they reject this ban appeal I have for the most part understanding,
but if you decide to unban I will promise to all the rules of the Keep server teams and never hack again.
Thanks for reading,
and sorry for my bad english

 Use the format, and you lied to Staff. So your chance is pretty low.

Thank you for your reference. I have updated the application with the format

Hi There


 If you do really like the server you should’ve follow the rules and not breaking them.


I will give you another chance in the next 2 weeks, but make sure to remove the hacks and your inventory must be cleared.

But keep in mind, if i catch you hacking or breaking the rules again you will receive a permanently ban with no appeal.



You have been unbanned. 
Please make sure to Re-read /rules and follow them this time.

Thread Locked.


This thread has been locked.

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