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[Ban appeal] IGN: Lord_Bertrahm ; Reason: Fly Hack

Ingame Name: Lord_Bertrahm


Why I was banned:

Fly hacks


Length of Ban: Permanent


why I think I should be banned / my ban time should be shorted:




As you probably know I am perm banned due to fly hacking, and have written a appeal once before and was denied.


But I  completely accept the ban, and do not denie that I used fly hacks and did other things against the rules before.


But not being able to play Dalek mod on the Server for a round 6 months or more made me

Truly regret my wrong doing. I had a really nice time on the server and just want to play on there again.


I have learned my lesson by now, and I'm not denieng any reason I was ever banned for. I just want to be able to play on the server again,

with my friends and be fotprgiven... 


I have played so long and always was happy to join the server and play with other fellow Dalekmod Users.


Please consider unbanning me / shorten the ban period, I'm again truly sorry and won't use hacks or anything like that again.


Im also sorry for my English.

Hi There


I will accept your appeal this time. You will be unbanned from the server next week. But please make sure to re-read the rules and follow them this time.

If we find you breaking them again it will be a perm ban with no chance to appeal.


Thread shall be locked.




This thread has been locked.