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mc name: TTVanimecheeze

reason: hoppering chests 

 duration: 2 days

what i was last doing: i have NOT bean on DMU Public since the 29th of december when i was banned until today

Why i think i should be pardoned early: i have full proof i did NOT hopper any chests becouse i was banned from DMU for the last 4 days i was littaraly unband 20 minutes ago and when i logged in it seid i was banned for hoppering chests the ONLY reason this could happen and this comes from my dad thatwho has been working with pc's and the internet things since 1989 he seid the only thing that prbly happend is that i was hacked and if you wan to to talk to him of the internet hacking stuff this is his email  (Removed for privacy -Dutch)

thare is no possibe why i could have hoppered chests.....


(p.s. sorry if this sounds a bit rude im a little angry that i have been banned again that makes a hole week of being banned....)

Weren't you banned earlier for the same thing? It would probably help if you were to learn from your mistakes rather than repeat them endlessly.

That, in my mind, says that you're not trustworthy.

Edit: as Matt said it would also help to not lie and hopper chests.

There has been a mistake of a ban. A staff member banned you again for a grief you did before you got banned the first time. You are now unbanned but make sure to read the rules.


PS: Its not wise to put your dad's email on the forums so I removed it for privacy.



-Ultra Admin


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