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TARDIS Interior Building Contest


Interior name:Cozy TARDIS

Exterior: Eighth Doctor's

Description: sorry it couldn't be in superflat, crash every time. This was inspired by the eighth doctor's TARDIS, this TARDIS consists of wood and cartoon roundles (and masters) also had to use betterfps, optifine, and foamfix (fps helpers)


Link: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/my-tardis-interior-thecorgi/


as the owner of the shed tardis i would like to allow people to have a custom interior based on that, i really don't mind.

as the owner of the K6 tardis i do need to say i have updated the interior since on the current interior i forgot to add a take off lever, am i allowed to send in my interior again with the take off lever added?

IGN: Fawkes123

Interior Name: First Doctor Interior

Exterior: First Doctor's TARDIS

Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qmUMAAjuMWTwkF_1EDXkwKfjT4MeT6ws

Short Description: A remake of the original 1963 TARDIS similar to the one seen in Twice Upon a Time.

Coordinates: 955 7 -130


IGN: Mag

Interior name: Steampunk Chic

Exterior: Eighth Doctor Exterior

Short description: Highly accurate console with 2 custom blocks and an added Eye of Harmony/Cloister Room on the side

Download link: Tardis Link


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roundel texture:


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full block texture:

Announcing that this is closed
Winners are:
-Fakes123 Hartnell
-Heyhey37 Vending machine
-Heyhey 37 Classic
-Rotheworld Rani
-MasterTimelord Hell bent
-MasterTimelord Copper

Custom Winners:
-Danita9 Epsimo

Unfortunately as I'm unable to code because of issues with my laptop and internet I wont be able to add interiors for U49 but they will be in U50 hopefully

Hello Again Everyone!

A big thank you to everyone that send their interiors for the mod!
I have seen alot of beautifull interiors & Exteriors :)

The ones that won will be in U50, So be sure to look out for them!!

(Mod Developer)

This thread has been locked.