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[Dalek Mod Suggestion] Far Lands


Feature Name: Far Lands


Background: Anyone remember these? In minecraft Indev and Beta (before 1.8) a bug in the world generation caused strange and chaotic terrain to generate starting at ±12550825 of the x and z axis. They can best be summed up in this picture, and a full description of them can be found on the minecraft wiki: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Far_lands.




Description of Feature: Basically, the Farlands would generate in the minecraft Indev and Beta dimensions at ±12550825 of the x and z axis when these dimensions get re-added into the Dalek Mod 1.8.


Purpose: The Far Lands were a part of the game back then (albeit a bug), and would help to make these dimensions more accurate. Also they were really cool, it would be fun to explore them with the TARDIS, and it would be a bit of nostalgia for those who played the game back then.


How do you Suggest We Implement This into the Game?: I don't know much about coding for dimensions, but I would imagine that simply rewriting the  bug that caused the Far Lands to generate in the dimension's generation class should work. There is a mod out there that does this for the overworld generation to recreate them in minecraft 1.7.10.


Thanks for reading.



I love this idea, it would really make me happy if it happened.


Well, I find some issues with this suggestion.

(1) Where you propose they generate is the end of Minecraft, and today is a absolute limit that nothing can pass. Editing that is something Forge cannot do, and would make the DM incompatible with Forge and its mods.

(2) The Far Lands were a bug, and yes, they were cool, but the entities lagged insanely. Constant infinite falling sand and gravel in the Far Lands didn't help either.

(3) Simply getting to them would lag a server, and the generated chunks would be a lot more then any SWD server can handle, as shown in that series with the guy walking to the Far Lands. His world is massive, and he's one person. Now imagining everyone on Public doing that.


No support, unless you address the problems with the far lands.

We could attempt to simulate the bug with a "far lands biome" so to speak but the biome could not be as far out as the actual far lands were as the game would probably crash before reaching that area. We cannot recreate the bug either since The Dalek Mod is a standard forge mod we have to use hooks and work arounds to add things to the game, we can't actually edit the games code directly we aren't a core mod. If it is possible to recreate the bug in a standard forge mod with hooks, i have no idea at all how we'd even start.


Nice idea, but might be a bit time consuming.

i think it will crash the Minecraft of medium computers , but Ok ;) Good Idea . 

in the "far land"can be added infinite daleks and autons :p just for troll people 
erm .. well ignore this post *-*

Instead of actually having it act like a bug, maybe make the Far Lands like a generated structure? And after a certain point past the start of the structure, add a barrier to stop people going further with a few blocks after the barrier being the end of the generated world.

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