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Ban apeal hacking AltimeterRev

I was banned for hacking I do understand I shouldn't do so and am genuinely sorry. I promise I was not exploiting anything I did fly to look at the top of citys and stuff and Jesus on top of an ocean. I will not do that again I am sincerely sorry and this is my favourite server and I will not break the rules again. I believe I was banned by ThatCreeper and the duration is perm. I believe I should have not got a perm ban as I was not exploiting honestly but I did use them and I believe it should have been a month but im not staff.

when I was banned my name was SontalayMulai

sincerely sorry,


Have a nice day (:

Hello SontalayMulai, 


You weren't banned that long ago, And you should have read the rules.

They definitly state to not use any hacks, And you did. 

Also please use the format next time you're going to appeal..


Your appeal will be denied.

You can appeal again in the next few weeks.





Yes you’re not staff. You are not the one who tell us how to ban people and for how long. Hacking is a permanent ban and everyone knows that.

 And for the next time do what josia said, use the format for ban appeals.


Appeal has been denied.

Thread Locked.



This thread has been locked.

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