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[DMU ban appeal] ydna111

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Minecraft username: ydna111


Why you were banned: tardis bridging


Ban duration: perm


What were you doing last on the server: Long time ago


Why you think you should be pardoned early : I was bridging which is strictly against rules (This was in time when tardises were bugged) so I would like to apologise for breaking rules and not listening to the staff members (especially Josia50) that were offering me a help via /tp but unfortunatelly we are all humans and we have lives to so it ended like that i had to aska friend to let me in tardis dimension so i could get to my tardis interior. I didnt mean any harm to any tardis interior (which is why it is forbidden - to not grief tardises). 


I would understand if its unforgivable and really bad, but i still hope you accept my apologies and understand the situation.


best wishes,

~ Ydna111 

Hello there

sorry for the late reply.


We did a voting in the staff chat on unbanning you.

Most of the staff team voted for no due

to your previous bans and warnings.

Yeah, you’ve got too many chances before but I don’t know why you keep ruining it.


Appeal has been denied.

Thread Locked.




This thread has been locked.