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Ban apeal hacking AltimeterRev

I was banned for hacking my name is AltimeterRev I am not saying I am innocent I do believe I deserved a ban but I don't think that a perms ban fits to what I did. I admit to hacking and am sorry for doing so I don't care if you believe I am sorry or not because that's not important I know everyone probably says that anyway. I believe I should be unbanned because I didn't Abuse the hacks to be honest I just got it for Anti-Spam but then started using free cam and stuff like that. The last thing I was doing on the server apart from hacking would be either building or exploring. I was banned in late December or early January. I am sorry for being banned and hacking I just want to have a fun time. I may or may not have followed the ban appeal format I am not sure. Look forward to having fun and surviving (:




Hello, to properly submit a ban appeal you need to follow the ban appeal format. Once you have done this the ban will be considered.

I am very sorry I tried to follow the format but I wasn't sure I did it right at the end thanks for the feedback I will look at some other ban appeals and try again have a nice day (:

btw, just because I hacked doesn't make me a bad everyone treats me bad now just keep in mind I just want to play normally (:

I will make another later and try to follow the format


Locked , Sontalay made another thread for the same..



This thread has been locked.

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