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Ban apeal attempt three AltimeterRev



Minecraft username: AltimeterRev


Why you were banned: Hacking


Ban duration:  Perm


What were you doing last on the server: Apart from hacking I was probably exploring or building


Why you think you should be pardoned early: I am generally sorry I did not exploit anything I just want to play normally I am not a bad person this is my favourite server I love everyone on this server I am not a scumbag I still like the staff even though they banned me. One day I want to help this server. I could make a campaign to stop hacks since I know what its like to hack and to be banned. I am really sorry I have gotten rid of hacks I do believe I should have had a ban but I would love a second chance. Feel free to deny I will not hate you I know its your job. 

Have a Lovely day (:

btw, I hope I got the format right this time


Hello SontalayMulai,


You realy didn't have to make a second thread for the same appeal.

You could have posted it on your old one...

We will see if we accept the appeal or not with the other staff now.




Thank you so much I love you guys  even though you banned me but I understand that's my fault for hacking and its your job to stop hackers (:

btw, I didn't mean to make second thread I thought I made a new appeal


Btw, I know a lot of servers that don't apply f you are denied and just apply if you are accepted so if I am denied will you let me know just so I am not sitting waiting for a reply. Thanks no worries



Hello SontalayMulai,


We can't accept your appeal due to the amount of hacks used.

And also because of ur past = Griefing... etc.


Appeal Denied





This thread has been locked.