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[DMU Ban Appeal] FranticDefuser: x-raying

Username: FranticDefuser

Reason for ban: X-raying

Length of ban: Forever

What I was last doing on the server: Mining

Why I think I should be unbanned: I have reflected on my action I realise what I did was wrong and as I have already stated I do apologise to the SWD team and community, I do understand if this ban appeal is denied and I do not have a negative disposition to this staff team after all it was my own fault, if this is denied I do understand.

Have a good day. 

Hello FranticDefuser,


I forgive you for the last time , I know people do everything to get unbanned.

I think you have learned that any hack is not allowed now..

But you have done too much in the past , Being rude to staff etc..


Your appeal will be denied.




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