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Doctor Who Roleplay! I Need Exterior Modelers and Interior Builders!

I'll make this as simple as I can, I need all 14 of The Doctor's interiors built, including secondary console rooms, special edition console rooms all the console rooms the doctor had used over the years. I need the console rooms all made in VANNILA Minecraft, as its very simple, you make the interior I need I will pay you 5 bucks if I pick it for the roleplay series, now here is the list of all the interiors I need, BTW ALL INTERIORS HAVE TO FIT WITHIN 32,32,32 block radius!!!! and if I miss any tardis exteriors or interiors for my list please let me know as I need ALL Tardis interiors and exteriors for my roleplay


1. 1963 - all interiors

2. 1966-all interiors

3.1976-all interiors

4. 1980-all interiors

5. 1996-all interiors

4. 2005-all interiors

5. 2010-all interiors

6. 2014-all interiors

7. 2018-all Interiors

couldnt you just download the interiors from like youtube and stuff?

that would be 10000s of videos to go through, and i need these interiors built at a particular size

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