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Ban Appeal - AussieCozzie75

Your MC Username: AussieCozzie75

Reason for ban: IP - Ban for x-raying and griefing




Thread content


Minecraft username: AussieCozzie75


Why you were banned: I was banned for x-raying which I admit to doing and griefing which I do not think I did.


Ban duration: IP-BAN


What were you doing last on the server: I was using X-ray to try and get a tardis quickly and to skip the grindy survival stuff that you have to do in survival


Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): Okay so first of all I got banned for griefing on my main account. I do not really think I grief as I borrowed 4 blocks from someone else place, 3 cobblestone and 1 stone brick which I don't think classifies as griefing, and I was going to give them back soon after. Any way onto the next reasons for my IP-BAN. I thought that my first ban was incredibly unfair (of course I did) and then logged in on my friends alt. Which I now realise is a breach of the rules and I shouldn't have done. Finally on that account I used x-ray just like on my main as I believe I should be allowed to use it. I understand why it would be bad to use it but I really don't like the grindy part of survival. I am sorry if this is bad and I understand if I will never unbanned but I would like to ask for it.


Hello AussieCozzie,


I'm the one who banned you for the town grief.

You were looking trough homes which i told you off about.


Then i found out you griefed a few people's homes and yes it's classified as grief.

Would you like to see blocks taken from your own build?




First of all, You did grief yes, That’s not how you borrow stone from someone’s build. You didn’t ask or get perms from the owner, So it classifies as griefing/stealing.

You got banned for it, Then you decided to use another account to get on the server while you’re banned on your main, as a way to bypass the ban. Then you decided to use X-Ray on the server with your alt as well. 

You were breaking so many rules at the same time.

X-Ray gives you unfair advantage over the other players and that’s not allowed on the server. It counts as hacking. 

You admitted that you were using X-Ray on your main account. So both accounts should stay banned.


Your appeal will be denied.

you may re-appeal in the next few months.


Thread shall be locked. 


~ThatCreeper (Ultra-Admin)

This thread has been locked.