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I got perm banned and i'm sorry [Denied]

I got banned from the server perm, I was having a bad day, I'm sorry for what I did, i didn't mean any of the insults I said, please give me another chance, if you want to blame me for the grieffing sure do it, If you want me to rebuild stuff from caerodria which u blame me for, I'll do it. Please give me another chance, i'm sorry to everyone i insulted, I didn't mean any of them I said, It was a rough day. If you want to let me back in but you still want to punish me, ban me for 24 hours today or tomorrow. I paid to go into this server in 2015. please I've always wanted to go to this server since i was 9, I'm 13 now, It upset me ALOT when i got banned. I promise I won't talk to admins about my ban again and I won't spam. All i beg of you is your forgiveness and another chance. -EnderNindroid

To be honest I think you are just trolling atm. I mean I lost count how many times I told you that you stay banned. Next time you message a staff member you will get a siteban warning because this is just forum waste. 


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